Advisory Board of the ORCD

Dr. Suzanne Marlowe Minarcine - Biography

Dr. SuzanneDr. Suzanne Marlowe Minarcine is a wife, mother, grandmother, community leader, musician, nurse, and pilot, and now full-time professor in the MBA program at American Public University System. She is the co-author of a book on case management that was widely used in case and disease management programs, and her consulting career has taken her to Germany, Japan, and Russia. She has successfully established and operated four businesses, including an adult day care center, a hospice and a flight school with 49 aircraft.

Dr. Minarcine is a reviewer for the Academy of Management and also USABE, and has presented papers for inclusion at the USABE conference in January 2012, and at ABSRC in Venice, Italy, in March 2012.  In addition, she is the convener of a conference for the Alliance for Truth and Reconciliation that will meet in Newnan, Georgia, in April of 2012.  She has a frequent presenter at conferences and programs throughout the Southeast.

Dr. Minarcine’s PhD is in Organization and Management from Capella University. In addition to her professional responsibilities, Dr. Minarcine is the Chairperson of Southern Truth and Reconciliation, and is on the boards of the Moore's Ford Memorial Committee and the Southern Conservation Trust. She is active with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, the Coweta Centre for the Performing and Visual Arts, the Peachstate Porsche Club, and the Atlanta Opera.

Dr. Minarcine lives in Newnan, Georgia, with her husband, Robert and her strategic advice will be key to ORCD expansion and development.  


ImoseDr Imose Itua is an academic currently with two United Kingdom institutions. She holds a PhD in Physiology obtained from The University of Manchester, a BSc (Hons) degree in Medical Biology obtained from Brunel University also in the UK and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education in Adult, Further and Higher Education. She has years’ of experience lecturing in the Higher Education Sector in the UK. She is also currently involved in research and is interested in Medical and Public Health research and has recently concluded in collaboration with colleagues, a major evaluation of a vascular health check programme in the UK.  Specifically, her main research interest is in cardiovascular health and health improvement in developing countries. She is equally interested in pedagogical research and has published reports in this area. She has also published a few articles in the areas of medicine and health and look forward to expanding this portfolio. Imose Itua is a foundation member of an organisation called SAFE whose aim is to encourage sustainability and greater social cohesion through a network of inclusive and intergenerational relationships involving people of all faiths and none, brought about by activities, projects, events and self-sustaining enterprises. She is also a book editor, an attribute which will be very useful to this organisation.


IfeomaIfeoma Inneh is a health professional based in the United States of America.

Her professional background is diverse in the fields of medicine and public health. The aging baby boomer population, advancements in science and technology, health economics (reimbursements, etc), as well as governmental and social policies related to health spark her interest and involvement in the rapidly changing complex global healthcare system. In the United States, one of such major changes is the adoption of integrated healthcare systems and other population health management principles which are becoming an absolute necessity to support the delivery of low cost, high-quality care.

Ifeoma holds several faculty appointments in the United States and United Kingdom. She is equally actively involved in health-related charities that include advancement in medical outcomes research, public health, as well as provision of surgical care to those most in need



Dr Najeebullah SafiDr Najibullah Safi is graduated from Kabul Medical University in 1998. He did his post graduation from Aga Khan University in Karachi, Pakistan and holds MSc degree in Health Policy and Management. In addition, he has a Post Graduate Diploma in Malaria Program Planning and Management from WHO Regional Training Center in Bandar Abbass, Iran. Moreover, he is registered as PRINCE2 practitioner.    
Dr. Safi has divers experience of work with Ministry of Public Health, non-governmental and international organizations in key executive and advisory positions. He carried out several short term consultancies for WHO, IPPF, AFGA, and ACTD. Currently, he works as Primary Health Care Advisor in WHO Country Office in Afghanistan. In addition, he serves as reviewer for BioMed Central for the manuscripts related to health system.  Dr. Safi possesses extensive experience in program management, infectious diseases control, coordination, resource mobilization and operational research. Health systems management focusing on planning, monitoring, evaluation and human resource development is his area of interest/expertise.
During his 12 years of experience his focus has been on organizational development, providing strategic direction, operation and program development work. He has also authored a book on Contracting-out Primary Health Care Services in Afghanistan’ and many published articles on contracting-out, and Malaria and Leishmanisis control in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, which reflects his profound insight and understanding of various aspects of health system and public health in the region and particularly in Afghanistan. The knowledge and experience of Dr. Safi is viewed as highly instrumental for providing strategic advice for the development and expansion of ORCD Afghanistan.


Eng Habibullah Eng. Habibullah is a Civil Engineer, and has got MBA from Preston University in Middle East (UAE). He has incredible experience of more than 16 years in organizational development and management of organizations’ operation and Industrial Management. Throughout his career he has been directly involved in organization development, innovative construction industries intervention. He also possesses diverse long experience by working with various national and international companies in developing and developed countries with wide range experience and practicing of utilizing new construction and industrial technologies.

Eng. Habibullah tremendous experience of managing basic low cost housing and shelter, infra-structure project and managing multi task projects inside Afghanistan and overseas in gulf countries. He has a demonstrated capacity of working effectively through establishing functional relationships in various provinces of Afghanistan. He has a solid record of working in managing infra-structure project with multinational and diverse culture organizations inside and outside Afghanistan.

A mix of governmental and non-governmental experience he has got throughout his extended career in different provinces as well many years technical and managerial experience in highly developed Gulf countries makes him instrumental for making a significant contribution to ORCD.


Dr WongDr. Wong has been a primary care physician for over ten years in a market-based healthcare system in USA and as consumer as well in socialized medicine for the same period in Canada.  Although born and grew up in Brunei, his entire graduate and post-graduate academia are trained in Canada, USA and England.  He is a well-rounded scholar that continuously pushes the limits of education and research in the field of health, environment and society.  For this reason, his professional and academic accolades include several doctorates of chiropractic medicine, natural medicine, and humanitarian service, and fellow and board certification in internal medicine, integrative medicine, pediatric, acupuncture, holistic healthcare and naturopathy.  However, his most anticipated accomplishment is a MPH in management of health systems from the University of Liverpool.

Dr. Wong’s expertise is in integrating capitalism and socialism values to create sustainable organizational structure that can withstand the ‘winds’ of globalization.  As a naturally born entrepreneur from the age of 16 years old he has been involved and excelled in multi-tier marketing, direct bureaucratic management, and personal and group coaching for motivation, performance and wellness.  His charismatic and transformational leadership are addictive and has single-handed brought a ‘mom-and-pop’ business to a million dollar business in less than 10 years without debt obligations and is profitable since day one.  Therefore, his strengths are in alignment with ORCD in “reshaping the future of communities through best practices”.

Dr. Wong’s achievements as a young entrepreneur are not an accident.  His perseverance and courage are not the norm because he believes that each failure bring success closer.  Because of his predatory behaviors, he is ready to ‘pounce’ on the opportunity.  His great Vision and the ability to see and think ‘outside the box’ provide the expert consultancy on market, human and economic reforms.  He secures Vision and emerging Missions, communicating ‘insights’ and ‘outlooks’ for best practices, and engineering an innovative compass for strategic placement of organization expansion and performance elevation.  For example, his blog about autism received worldwide readership of over 10,000 subscribers in less than 3 years based on his strategic placement using power of social medias.

Finally, ORCD is for the people and Dr. Wong’s strengths have always been derived from the people.  His intense desire to equalize the broad social determinants of health has propelled his Vision to create one NGO one country for the people.


NickNick Mawani is the president and CEO of Go Natural Health and Nutrition Centre Inc. (1979) since 2001 and was awarded Oshawa This Week Readers Choice Gold Award in October 2012.
He is a graduate from the University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences.
He completed his Respiratory Therapy Internship at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
He was the recipient of the Alberta Society of Respiratory Therapists Award for Academic Excellence for being the top student in the Province of Alberta, Canada.
He is a Registered Respiratory Therapist and practiced Respiratory Therapy for 7 years in tertiary hospitals both in Canada and abroad to gain international experience.
He is also a Certified Natural Products Advisor and was the recipient of Gordon Storie Award 2010 at the Canadian Health Food Association.
He was appointed as a Councillor in the Government Relations Advisory Council in the Canadian Health Food Association from 2010-2011.
He is nominated for the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal 2012.
On November 8th 2012, he presented a 60 minutes webinar at the University of Liverpool online on the topic: The Use of Evidence-Based Natural Health Products (NHPs) in Public Health: A Canadian Perspective.
He was elected MPH Student Representative for 2012-2013.
Nick is presently also an MPH online Student scheduled to start Module 8 in January 2013.